Online Oil Trading

Online Oil Trading

At bforex, our clients can trade Crude Oil online with ease. Crude Oil is traded against the US Dollar. As a result, Crude Oil prices are at all times stated in US Dollars. On our trading platform, Crude Oil (CLD/USD) is priced per barrel, spreads are fixed at 6 pips and leverage is 1:200. Trading this commodity has become more widespread in the past 10 years. Consequently, many new clients have chosen to trade with bforex due to the Crude Oil trading that we provide via our trading platform.
Oil Trading

Crude Oil Trading Details

The process of Crude Oil trading at bforex occurs directly between buyers and sellers. Please note that the actual physical buying and selling of Crude Oil is not involved while trading Crude Oil with us, as this commodity is bought/sold for speculative purposes only. Quotes are constantly available through the trading platform and are reflected as a spot price. Please remember that all Crude Oil prices on our trading platform are quoted in US Dollars and are per barrel.

Crude Oil Demand

Crude Oil is the key indicator of demand in the economy. Therefore, in the long term, an increase in global demand for the commodity is likely to drive up fuel prices. Thus traders perceive high economic growth to lead to higher demand and therefore higher prices for Crude Oil. An economic recession is more likely to have the opposite effect.

Latest Trading Developments

Recently, there have been a number of trading developments with online Crude Oil trading. Forex traders have taken advantage of the latest advancements in technology that are available through our trading platform and website. For example, our clients often employ the advanced trading chart feature whilst trading with Crude Oil and other commodities. Additionally, other features on the website and trading platform have helped clients keep up with the latest news developments whilst trading Forex with bforex.

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