Urgent and Important – Bforex Ltd. transfer of business activities and of your Trading Account to Financika (Sharp Trading Ltd.)

We would like to inform you that on the 3rd of April, 2017 Bforex Ltd. will transfer its business activities to the International Company Financika (Sharp trading) Ltd., regulated by the Vanuatu FSC under Dealer's in Securities (Licensing) act [CAP 70]. Furthermore, the legal rights for the “BFOREX” brand name and the website will be owned and operated by Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd. We would also like to inform you that the firm Bforex Ltd. shall stop providing investment services soon after that date.

As regards your relationship with Bforex Ltd. and how this transfer of business will affect you, you are kindly informed that according to the Novation Agreement, which is binding to you and Bforex Ltd., Bforex clients are already bound by an agreement with Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd. regarding CFD Trading Activity, and you are hereby informed that the said contractual agreement will apply to ALL trading activity as from the 3rd of April 2017.

In practice, this means that on the 3RD of April 2017, Bforex Ltd will transfer to Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd. all your due diligence information (i.e. any client information and/or documentation including personal data), your trading account(s), cash balance(s) and transaction history, in order to ensure continuation of service to you.  Also, any open positions and/or any pending orders you may have at the time with Bforex Ltd will be rolled over to Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd.  

The transfer of business will be done on the 3rd of April 2017, at 00:00 GMT. The transfer will not affect the operation of your trading account which will continue its operation normally, and your login credentials to the trading platform will remain the same, for your convenience. In addition, Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd. shall use the same contact details used by Bforex Ltd, for the avoidance of any inconvenience to you.

You are informed that following the completion of the transfer of the business, when you next log-in to your trading account, you will be required to read and accept on-line the Terms and Conditions of Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd, found at the following link:  When you accept these, your previous contractual agreement entered into with Bforex Ltd will be terminated and an entirely new contractual agreement and relationship will be created and entered into directly between you and Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd, based on the Terms and Conditions and all associated documents and policies of Financika (Sharp Trading) Ltd.

In case you have any objections, as to the above transfer or the contents of this letter, you may terminate your agreement with Bforex Ltd prior to the 3rd of April 2017, by informing us in writing via electronic mail (e-mail) at Upon receipt of your notification for termination, all open trades in your trading account with Bforex Ltd will be closed the same business day of receiving the notice, and a trading account closing process will be initiated in order to refund any withdrawable equity you may have in your trading account. These matters shall be handled by Customer Service personnel who will get in touch with you and assist you with any enquiries you may have.

Should you require any further clarification, you may contact or +44 203 514 0458.

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